Solar Garden Landscape Lights

At night your landscape can have a totally different look from its daytime appearance – Solar landscape lights provide soft, accent lighting to highlight landscaping, illuminate walkways or paths while making your outdoors look stunning in the dark.

Solar spotlights are perfect for creating wonderfully dramatic shapes and illuminating garden statuary; solar floodlights, on the other hand, can highlight landscaping and architectural surfaces with shadows and color. Furthermore, if you’re looking to add a more decorative romantic touch, we recommend lighting up large outdoor areas with a solar lamppost light. Take a look below to view some of the best solar landscape lights so you could enjoy your garden after a hard days work and make it attractive and accessible long after dusk.


Solar Spotlights


Solar Lantern Lights


Hanging Solar Lantern


Soji Solar Lanterns


Solar String Lights

Take a look at our wide selection of solar outdoor decor and solar garden ornaments and see how outdoor solar lighting can brighten up your garden.