Solar Fairies

A fairy is a legendary creature symbolizing fantasy and free spirit, inviting us to fly away to some faraway land. It is believed that fairies help plants grow and thrive when called upon for their help. Take a look below to view some of the best solar powered fairy lights – tiny, beautiful and delicate creatures that will bring a magical atmosphere to your garden and outdoor decor.

Solar Fairy Holding Sunflowers

solar-light-fairy-flowersThis beautiful solar fairy statue is holding a delicate bouquet of sunflowers. Made from durable polyresin and metal, this charming fairy accent has an amber LED light inside each sunflower to light up your garden at night spreading a magical glow. This detailed accent is 12.5” tall and it includes an AA NiCd battery.

Lilly Solar Fairy

solar-fairy-lillyMeet Lilly, a beautifully detailed sculpted fairy, who appears to be collecting fireflies in her translucent jar. Her lantern features a single LED light that is solar-powered by the sun, whereas Lilly herself is crafted from durable resin with integrated solar panels. This decorative solar statue and lantern is perfect for illuminating pathways and gardens – How lovely!
Measures: 5.5″ in diameter and 13-3/4″ high.

Solar Kissing Fairy

solar-light-fairy-kissingDecorate your garden with the glow of romance and magic, where these two adorable fairies have sealed their love with a kiss. Made of durable polyresin with colorful painted finish, this solar fairy accent will make a pretty addition to any flower bed as well as a great gift!

The solar-powered panel automatically activates at dusk and lights up the globe illuminating the fairy statue in soft light. This wonderful combination of solar lighting and statuary includes 1 AA NiMH rechargeable battery and measures: 7.5” H’ x 8” W’ x 6.75” D.

Blowing Kisses Solar Fairy Statuary

solar-light-fairy-kissesWelcome family and friends to your garden with this wonderfully detailed solar fairy statue, blowing colorful spring kisses of joy and laughter. As dusk arrives, the globe as well as the fairy’s delicate wings will automatically light up with a yellow pinkish glow. At dawn the lights will automatically turn off, allowing the solar panel to re-charge the batteries, waiting for the evening to come. Measures: 7.5″ x 7″ x 8.25″

Solar Powered Sleeping Fairy Statue

solar-light-fairy-sleepingWhether it’s day or night, this lovely solar fairy light will complement your flower garden, deck or patio! Sunlight charges the rain-proof solar panel in the back of the statue, re-charging the Ni-Cad batteries during the day only to light up the globe for about 4-6 hours, starting at dusk. Made of sturdy, cast polystone resin, this adorable sleeping fairy, by Echo Valley, is hand painted in a durable, weather-resistant finish – Sweet dreams. Measures: 8.6” x 7.1” x 8.6”.

Solar-Powered Ultraviolet Nymph Statue

solar-light-fairy-nymphPerfect on a patio or deck, this solar fairy nymph is holding a flower that lights up when the sun goes down illuminating the statue for about 4 to 6 hours.

Made from sturdy, cast Polystone resin, this beautiful outdoor decor is hand painted in a durable, weather-resistant finish. The rain-proof solar panels on the back re-charges the Ni-Cad batteries during the day, so the photo cell could turn the LED light on at dusk making a very nice garden accent.

Solar Light Fairy with Sunflowers

solar-light-fairy-sunflowerThis delicate solar garden fairy is picking flowers for a night time celebration. A weatherproof rustic bronze finish protects this outdoor accent, while the solar panels found on the back of this beautiful fairy statue, convert sunlight to energy stored in long-life re-chargeable batteries, automatically producing a soft light glow with bright amber LED illumination as night approaches – What a wonderful way to add light and beauty to your garden decor. Measures: 9” W x 8” H.

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Solar Light Fairy with Yellow Orb

solar-light-fairy-yellowAdd soft light to a favorite spot, path or walkway in your garden with this charming outdoor decor. Crafted with weatherproof rustic bronze finish, this cute fairy garden accent is waiting for night time; as dusk arrives the nearby solar globe will light up with a yellow glow, illuminating the fairy statue and the pink roses surrounding it with bright amber LED lights. By day the solar panels, located at the back of the statue, convert sunlight to energy, stored in long-life rechargeable batteries. Measures: 10” W x 12” H.

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Solar Fairy Sprinkler

solar-light-fairy-sprinklerThis solar fairy statue is both beautiful and functional. Crafted from durable poly resin, this enchanting fairy sits next to a watering can with flowers growing out of it. The solar rechargeable batteries light the fairy’s wings with a pinkish orange glow and the flowers heads with amber yellow.

A garden hose screws into the base of the watering can and turns this lovely solar light into a sprinkler, making it the prefect gift for avid gardeners! The spout on the watering can sprinkles water in a 30′ radius. The solar panel absorbs light energy during the day and your daytime sprinkler turns into a luminescent decoration at dusk. Measures: 8″ x 5″ x 9″.

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Girl Statue with Solar Fairy

girl-statue-solar-fairy1This delightful little girl statue holds a small, solar fairy with real magic powers to bring light into your garden. The led light, which never needs replacing, gathers solar power all day long so when dusk falls it automatically begins to glow.

This beautiful item is crafted from strong and durable Stonecast, resin, fiberglass and natural and synthetic stone powder, completed with a waterproof powder-coat finish with antiqued natural stone look.
Measures: 18”L x 18”H x 18”W and includes 1 AA NiCd battery.

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